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The Original Facebook: Vampire Networks since 2011

(Our FaceBook Group)

Real Vampire Networks (Our Group)

Facebook: Vampire Donor Group


Sanguinarius by Sangi 

Vampire Community News by Merticus

Vampire Community Message Board 

Voices of the Vampire Community

Dreamhart by Jarandhel Dreamsinger

Noctalium by Mistwolf

The Vampire Network

Rede Vampyrica

Vampyrbibliothek by Heshthot S

Real Vampire

Directory by theblackbooks.net

Sanguinarian Research by Sarah Mediv

Real Vampire Life by John Reason’s

Inside Real Vampires by Horus Sat

Lesbian Vampires

Elemental Vampirism

Awakening Vampire 

Shadow’s Den by Shadowmyst

Lega Italiana Real Vampires

https://theredcellar.com/  By Alexia Ashford

The Red Cellar Forum  By Alexia Ashford

Vampires, Therians, and Otherkin of Chicago

Vampire Houses Temples, and Groups Links

Ohio Vampyre, Pagan, and Goth Alliance

Lady CGs New Site: The darkened-mirror

The Darkened Mirror Forums By Lady CG


Vampire Fragments

South African Vampyre News     

The South African Vampyre Alliance

The South African Vampyre Culture Center   


The Secret History of the Vampyres by Octarine Valur

House Valur by Octarine Valur

The Graveyard Press by Deacongray

Real Vampire Forum

Vampyre Academy

Vampire Social Network Community

The Vampire Community by DarkFess

Vampire Radio By Cancer

Draconic by Chris Dragon  (Since 1976)

Order of the Vampyre (Since 1976)


Lega Italiana Real Vampires

House Quinotaur 


Vampires, Therians & Otherkin of Chicago

The Court of Lazarus



House Clessidra

Project Shift


Vampyres Only: Since 1994


The Vampire Court of Austin

Suck TV 


Vampire Church by Damien Daville, LA Judge

House Kheperu 

Wild Speak by Ravenari

Atlanta Vampire Alliance by Merticus

Claret Vitale “Blood shop. I’m unsure as to the safety and legality of this service. Take care.”

Vampiric Studies


The Vampire, His Kith and Kin (1928) by Montague Summers

Th�ba�de by Akhila

The Vampire Fragments by Spurn

Shadow Lore by Grim

Vampyre Bytes by Samael Anathan

Temple Sahjaza

The South African Vampyre Community 


Drink Deeply and Dream

Vampire Forum “Account activation but email doesn’t work.”

Another Vampire Forum

Me, Myself and I

The Shadow Sage

The Vampire Court of Houston


Within the Ruins by House of Chimeras

The Sanctuary by Sonne Spiritwind

The official Dark Nations

Birds of a Feather

LIRV Gothic Vampire Ball

Councili Lamia Cognalis

Magia Posthuma by Niels K. Petersen

House Eclipse by Raven OrthaeVelve 




Suid Afrikaanse Vampyre Nuus

Dark Realms


Psychic Vampire by Lono F Vespertilio

Hadedes Khepra

Not Quite Human by Zephyr 

The Danish Vampire Community by Spurn

Bloodlit Radio 

House Dracul

the black books

Embracing Mystery

New Orleans Vampire Association

Les Vampires

Awake and Drink Everything but the forum works

By Light Unseen by Vyrdolak

The Vampyre Library

Vampires Therians and Otherkin of Chicago


Vampire Website “This website is exceptionally controversial. Take it with a grain of salt.”

Blood and Coffee by Kelandris the Mad

Felinity by Velvet Wings

The Lair of a Lesbian Vampire by Tristen Blackwell

Being a Swan

Livin’ the Swan Life! by Blackswan21

Links to Real Vampire Sites “WARNING: May cause seizures (the background is a gif of lightning bolts).”

Vampyrian TempleUVUP (Spiritual Vampyres) by JP Vanir

Black Swan Haven by Acrophobic Pixie, Passer, WingedWolf

The Psycic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger

House of the Dreaming

Real Vampires Italian League

Donor, Not a d�ner by Acrophobic Pixie

Vampire Court of Saint Louis

Court of Draconem

Endless Night Vampire Ball

Merticus by Merticus

Vampire Ashram


Temple of the Vampire  Controversial Site 

Non Human Quotes by SwanBlood


Vampires by TheCheezman

House Crimson Blade

The National Vampire Association

Being Lion by Serpent Scribe

The Dhampire by Lana Lundy

The Vampire Court of Austin

Library of Real Vampires by DarkFess 

The Crimson Journal


Real Vampires by V Luna

Detroit-Vampires meetup

Beyond Awakening

The Black Rose by Widow

Vampyre Gnosis 


Eternal Flow Blogs

Grumpy Vamp 

Winged Wolf by Winged Wolf

Awake and Drink by Zane Robinson “Poor Quality as the link to the forums and the chatroom aren’t effective.”

A Modern Look at Vampyres by Amador Vampyre 

Lupine Instincts by Elinox

Veritas Vos Liberabit

The Domain of Cancer by Cancer

Aurora’s Northern Lights by Aurora

Ordo Sekhemu by Vicutus 

Vampire Blood Rush

Real Vampire Website

Vampire Court of Michigan


Vampire Court of Dallas


Vampire Rave By Cancer

Into the Night

Vampire the Dark Legend 



Spirit of the Wind by Citrkayah “Take care visiting this website. Intrusive, and potentially malicious popups.”

Kemetic Order of Aset Ka

Angelic Blood Vamp 

Clan Hidden Shadows




Blood lust vampire ball



House Etherium

Vampire Freaks (mostly a goth/industrial site but also vampires as well)

Real Vampiryzm


Vampires are real

Vampyre bites (a subsidiary project of the South African

Vampyre Academy)

Awakening (About Awakenings)

Councili Lamia Cagmalis

Common Vampire Symptoms

Gwenifers Guide to Vampiric Living

The Vampires Lair




Twitter: @SangsOfficial

Smoke and Mirrors   

Vampires on Paganspace dot net

InTheDark group Vampire-Otherkin-Therian

The witches way's Vampyre spirit

Shadowheartandsouloftheblackrose group all-about-vampires

roseysrealms group Vampyres-and-Otherkin



FaceBook Groups & Pages:


Facebook: Vampire Community News by Merticus

FaceBook: VCD - Vampire Community Discussions

FaceBook: Vampire Community Admins

FaceBook: Vampire Community Leadership

FaceBook: Vampirism Group since 1998

Facebook: Sanguivore Outreach

Facebook: Vampire Network News [VNN] 

Facebook: Ohio Vampyre, Pagan, and Goth Alliance

Facebook: Vampyrian.TempleUVUP/

Facebook: Sanguivore

FaceBook: AVOW- All

FaceBook: Association for Vampire Rights

FaceBook: Vampire Nightlife

Facebook: Vampires and donors

FaceBoo: Michigan Vampire Community

FaceBook: Michigan Vampire Donors Community

FaceBook: AVOW- Alliance of Vampyres, Otherkin & Witches

FaceBook: Veritas  

FaceBook: Community Leaders of The Unity Project

FaceBook: Vampire Community

FaceBook: Vampire Politics

FaceBook: Vampire Outreach


FaceBook: Michigan Vampires

FaceBook: Manchester Vampire Guild

FaceBook: The Vampire Coven (18+)

FaceBook: Vampires

Facebook: Vampire Court of Fort Myers Florida

Facebook: Vampire Court of Chicago

Facebook: The Court of Enchanted Haven

Facebook: The Vampyre Network of Georgia

FaceBook: Vampire Outreach

FaceBook: Real Vampires

FaceBook: Vampire's and Werewolve's

FaceBook: Vampire Selfies

FaceBook: Greater Chicagoland Vampire Coalition

FaceBook: real vampires (vampirism)

FaceBook: A Sanctuary for Real Vampires

FaceBook: Living Vampires (aspects and practices of True Vampirism)

FaceBook: Vampires and other kin(Real only)

FaceBook: House of RavenHeart

FaceBook: SAV&WC South African

Vampyre and Werewolf Community 

FaceBook: Vampire Court of Melbourne

FaceBook: For Real Shifter's and Vampires.

FaceBook: Lega Italiana Real Vampires -LIRV

FaceBook: Vampires United

FaceBook: Global Vampire Community

FaceBook: Real Vampires Only & V.I.V.


Order of the Dragon Royal Blood

FaceBook: VvvVampire Garden 18 +

FaceBook: Other Kin and Vampires Against Animal Abuse

FaceBook: Vampire Donor Mutualism Network

FaceBook: Real Vampires Community Alliance (RVCA)

FaceBook: Psychic Vampires

FaceBook: Vampire Court of Beaumont, Texas

FaceBook: Otherkin & Vampire Networking

FaceBook: Vampires and Werewolves

FaceBook: Therians, Vampires, and Otherkin

FaceBook: vampire/therian/otherkin etc library

FaceBook: Vampire Court of Toronto

FaceBook: Vampire Science and Medical Research [VSMR]

FaceBook: Industrial Gothic Vampyres

FaceBook: Gothic and Vampire Alliance

FaceBook: Universal, Vampire & Otherkin Commune (U.V.O.C.)

FaceBook: UnitedVampireAlliance

FaceBook: The New Goth and Vampyre Alliance

FaceBook: Vampire/Vampyre Musicians & Artists

FaceBook: The Black Veil

FaceBook: House of the Crimson Moon

Facebook: Vampyres Of Facebook

FaceBook: The Church of Vampyre Goth

FaceBook: Vampire Community Skeptics

FaceBook: Vampires For Charity

FaceBook: Vampires, A Modern Truth

FaceBook: Vampire Court of Oregon

Facebook: Vampire Court Of Tucson

Facebook: Society Nocturnus Of Gotham

FaceBook: Real Vampires of Houston Educational Forum

FaceBook: Vampire Global Development Support Network

FaceBook: Real Vampires

FaceBook: Living Vampire and Otherkin Q&A

FaceBook: The Vampire Vampirologist

Facebook: Association For Vampire Rights/

FaceBook: Vampire Music


FaceBook: Living Vampires (aspects and practices of True Vampirism)

FaceBook: The House of Vampires (18+)

FaceBook: Vampires Of All Nationalities Of all Religion

FaceBooks: New Orleans Vampire Community hosted by NOVA

FaceBook: Vampire Writers Support Group

FaceBook: Vampire and Otherkin Community

FaceBook: Vampire Society Forum (VSF)

FaceBook: Ask A Real Vampire

FaceBook: Vampire Network News [VNN]

FaceBook: Real Vampires Community Alliance

FaceBook: New Jersey Chapter of Bloodlines International

FaceBook Group: Georgia Vampires

FaceBook: The Vampyre Network of Georgia

FaceBook: Newfangled Round Table

FaceBook: Alternative Counseling For Alternative People

Facebook: Communita lega italiana real vampires

Facebook: Associazione Lega Italiana Real Vampires

Facebook: House Ehterium

Facebook: Lega Italiana Real Vampires

FaceBook: Theory of vampire blood

FaceBook: Vampire Court of Oakridge

Facebook: Sanguinarians

FaceBook: Vampire Court of Baltimore

Facebook: The Red Cellar – Ask A Sanguivore

FaceBook: The Sanguinarian-Swan Support Alliance (SSSA)

FaceBook: The Vampire Network

FaceBook: The Dark Nations Public Page 

FaceBook: The Red Cellar – Med Sang & Blood Drinker Community

FaceBook: Sanguivoredotcom

FaceBook: House of the New Dawn

FaceBook: Vampire Science by Arafel Si, Jane More

FaceBook: VampireCourtOfAustin

FaceBook: House Upyrium

FaceBook: Vampire Community of Detroit

FaceBook: Vampire Clan of Fort Myers Florida - Highland VC

FaceBook: Vampire Temple of Chicago

FaceBook: Vampire Court of Houston Forum

FaceBook: Vampyre Underground Nation

FaceBook: New Mexico Vampire Community

Facebook: Las Vegas Vampire Community

FaceBook: SAV&WC South African Vampyre & Werewolf Community

FaceBook: Rosenholz

FaceBook: Vampire Court Of Newnan Ga.

FaceBook: Manchester Vampire Guild 

FaceBook: The Texas Council of Community Affairs

FaceBook: Upstate New York Vampire Court 

FaceBook: Vampire Community of Adelaide

FaceBook: Vampire Court of Brisbane

FaceBook: Vampyrbibliothek

FaceBook: House Sauromatos

FaceBook: Vampire Court of Sydney

FaceBook: Blood Vampires Haven

FaceBook: House of RavenHeart Established 1999

FaceBook Group: House Of Dracul

FaceBook Page: House Dracul

FaceBook: The Nocturnal Society of Libertas 

FaceBook: Coven Of The Articulate 

FaceBook: Vampire court of Chicago and Davenport florida unity

FaceBook: VVA Vampyric Virginia

FaceBoook: Vampire Court Of Newnan Ga.

FaceBook: Vampire Court of Kansas City

FaceBook: Maryland Nightside - A Place for the Strange and Unusual

FaceBook: Clan Rahamdalph

FaceBook: House Nocte-Deae

FaceBook: The Midnight Market

FaceBook: Pure Blood Network


Discord Apps:  


Darkened mirror

The Midnight Rainbow

Vampire Community news

Vampyrian TempleUVUP

Show and Bloody Roses

The Blood Realm

Midwest Vampire & Otherkin Community

Spookies Hallow 

The House in the Woods 




Amino Apps:



Amino Apps: reality of Otherkin and Vampires

Amino Apps: truevampires


Frozen and unresponsive sites:




Bloodline International  

Dutch Vampire Haven

Shadowdance Podcast

Blogfree: LIRV “Blacklisted due to intrusive popups leading to potential malware-related website.”



House of Havoc by VampireIzak, Jason Lord Havoc, Lee Havoc

Vampyre Support and Information Society

My Solitude Project

Dark Borders

Vampyre Almanac


Den of Shadows


Vampire Awakenings

The Vampire Monarchy

A Vampyre Gathering

Black Trillium

Vampire Nation


Sanguine PRV

The Vampire’s Lair

Vamp Girl

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